How To Approach & Raise Capital From Angel Investors

Chapter 1 : Angel Investors vs Venture Capitalists and other Equity Investors

Chapter 2 :Why Do Angel Investors Risk Their Own Money?

Chapter 3: The Different Kinds of Angel Investors and How They Invest

Chapter 4 :How-To Find Angel Investors and Where to Look

Chapter 5 : How Can You Get Into Contact With a Business Angel Network?

Chapter 6 :How Do I Know If My Business Can Attract an Angel Investor?

Chapter 7 : What Kind of Angel Investor Is the Ideal Angel Investor for My Business?

Chapter 8 : : Accreditations for US and International Standards

Chapter 9 : How to Market Your Venture to Angel Investors

Chapter 10 : Due Diligence and the Necessary Documents Needed for Due Diligence

Chapter 11 :Your Action Plan

Chapter 12 :Terminology