New Venture Capital Investment Firm SuperLayer Studio Has Been Created

A press announcement release on October 30, 2021 shared that SuperLayer has created a new venture studio. Venture studio means that this company will now become a company that works to build several different companies in rapid succession. Which for month of October was huge news. SuperLayer is a new invesment firm interested in expanding the internet universe with their virtual studio Web3.

In specific terms, SuperLayer is a crypto venture studio building independent consumer web3 projects on the $RLY network. With a small number of employees that just ranges from 1 – 10 individuals working at SuperLayer. That’s what makes this press announcement even more impressive. A small company but with gargantuan ideas that has been profited off of crypto currency.

Kevin Chou has been involved with co-founding game platforms and blockchain companies like Forte. Kevin Chou was well known to have sold his company Kabam for $800 Million in 2018. Then with SuperLayer slowly began to build a blockchain empire revolved around gaming. Main co-led investors have been Coinbase Ventures. Andreessen Horowitz became another co-led investor that has risen to a high opportune spot for the company.

A huge point with SuperLayer is that the company is accomplishing a way to decentralize its social token infrastructure. Kevin Chou was able to point out the evolving structure that is the crypto currency world, in a sense it’s idealized that an investment company would need to pay the “exit” or find a way to balance a merging split of assets. However, the crypto currency there is no real “exit” payout only a way to send more currency to growing companies within the blockchain existence.

The importance of SuperLayer’s press release revealed a very important expose, which is that traditional vc’s need to evolve to be able to equip crypto’s everyday evolution. An incredible probability that SuperLayer may merge with a few companies soon.

While looking up further research about who SuperLayer’s main demographic is, Sweden has a huge lead with being the company’s main monthly visitors with an over 98% and higher viewership.

SuperLayer’s competitors would be other venture studio’s that are involved with helping creators and gamers. Like the latest 2021 startups: Atomic, Betaworks, Builders, Colab, Coplex, Devland, eFounders, Expa, High Alpha, Human Ventures, Nobody Studios, Pioneer Square Labs, Rocket Internet, Science, Wilbut Labs, and Zuma Ventures.

SuperLayer was founded only in August 2021 and is located from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States. The company is actively searching for gaming creators and gamers to join their venture studio experience. App creators are also encouraged to join. SuperLayer is eying the new tokenized digital world. In SuperLayer’s ideal world, consumer projects will be able to leverage tokens that can be freely bought or sold, and used to participate in other tart-up projects.

If four months has already been this massive for this start-up, then imagine what 2023 would bring. In two years’ time we can expect to read many press releases from this new venture studio company who is leading the direction towards an even better vc firm based on digital and easily transferable investments.

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