MilkRun Raises a Total of $8.5 Million with its Last Series A Round from Co-Investor Spark Capital

Founded in 2018, MilkRun is all about sourcing real farm fresh food from farmers. Since farm fresh food has been finding easier ways to arrive to individuals dining tables, MilkRun has been figuring out how to be there for the middle man work.

Most don’t know that MilkRun is subscription service where individual who wish to signup can input their area code (zip code) and find the nearest locations. This subscription service is a weekly grocery staples that sources from small and local farms. The founder and CEO Julia Niiro made it her duty to help farmers who are 65 and over. The reason behind the transition to help older farmers is that, it was found out in the later 2000’s that older farmers were required to create additional output of their farm fresh goods and only making a measly 10 cents per piece.

The company is based out of Portland, Oregon. With a rough employee count of 11-50 individuals, MilkRun has had an estimated total funding amount of $8.5 Million. While formed in 2018, this company is still in its Series A round of funding. MilkRun released this press announcement on November 5, 2021.

Co-investors involved are Spark Capital, Revolutions Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, Congruent Ventures, Social Impact Captial, Techstars, Eudemian Ventures, Y Combinator, Revolution, Untapped Captial, and Malex Enterprises. While this is not the complete list, these are the last main investors from the last few seed funding rounds. All of these vc firms have helped MilkRun to achieve that $8.5 Million.

MilkRun does have a few top competitors. They are: Selco, Husasmidjan, Nutrient Technologies and Sunil Traders. Subscription service companies tend to have the most revival and heavy rate competitors more so than competing grocery stores in the same city. Also, there is no word of MilkRun merging with another company any time soon.

As stated on the company’s website their mission statement allows viewers to see and read about why and how farmers are the future. MilkRun is also looking to encourage a new generation into becoming farmers and providing the accurate agriculture education needed for the new generation. With climate change affecting farmers and their crops, a new generation is looking to generate new ideas and revolutionized plans to keep farming growing and going.

As of 2021, MilkRun works with over 300 farms to help their products and crops to receive accessible clients. MilkRun serves Portland, Seattle, and Austin farmers.

CEO Julia Niiro recently shared a TED Talks conversation that discusses the best route of action to protect farmers from extinction in the sense that we need children to be taught about agriculture studies at a younger age so that the new generation being brought up can understand what and where our food is coming from. Not only is this talk informative but educational in the sense that people can find a local farm and start buying everyday food items to ensure farmers are able to pay for new crops that will be laid out the following year.

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