Alpha JWC Closes a $433 Million Fund, Co-Led by Investor World Bank’s International Finance Corporation

Alpha JWC released a press release on November 8, 2021 sharing that the latest funding series, the third series has closed with an astounding $433 Million. Alpha JWC is an investment firm in the early stages of their company who intends to help other start-ups to succeed in establishing their retail base. Making Alpha JWC one of Southeast Asia’s largest vc funding projects so far. All because Southeast Asia is starting to see an influx of investors taking a keen interest in the country’s southern new start-ups; high-profile exits like Bukalapak and Sea Group’s IPOs. Both co-founders had noted that they saw the increase in interest with Southeastern Asia’s funding market along with several hundred early-stage startups gaining recognition. Meaning for 2022, Southeast Asia may be making its way onto the main platform for vc funding companies to fund first rather than taking several years to fund these early startups.

Alpha JWC was founded in Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia in 2015. Ever since then, Alpha JWC has seen a surge in interest, growth, and slowly growing its own internal team. Ironically enough, Alpha JWC is a vc funding investment institution, however, to be able to invest in other start-ups the company had to receive funding itself from other vc firms. Now in 2021 with the latest round of millions of dollar funding from co-led investors World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), CTBC Bank, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners, and Horizons Ventures.

Instead of the United States making headway, Southeast Asia’s startup companies Ajaib, Kredivo, and Carro gained such high praise and developed what is called a “unicorn status.” Which is a term used in the vc industry to describe a privately held startup company with a value of over $1 billion. These three companies accomplished that just last year after coming onto the market in either early 2020 or in 2021.  Alpha JWC was the first vc fund investor for all three companies mentioned above.

The current employee count for Alpha JWC is around 11-50 individuals. While still relatively small this company currently handles around $360 Million for various Seed A, pre-early startup companies. Merging at the moment is not on the forefront view for this company but maybe in 5 years’ time it will be.

Alpha JWC has 11 start-up companies that they’ve help to fund who are reaching that perfect unicorn status, most likely within the 2022 new year. Both co-founders Chandra Tjan and Jefrey Joe explain that Indonesia and the surrounding smaller towns within the country are catching up to the technology market. The technology market is what Alpha JWC closes watches to see what new start-ups need a helping hand when it comes to funding.

Right now, with competitors, Alpha JWC has a considerable amount however, those common companies may not be looking at Southeast Asia’s start-ups. This is where Alpha JWC has the upper hand. Competitor companies are: DOKU, Akulaku, FinAccel, PAYFAZZ, KoinWorks,  and about 50 more companies.

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