Rippling Had Closed a $250 Million in C Series Round, Led by Co-Investor Y Combinator

In Rippling’s Series C funding round, the huge amount of $250 Million was the closing amount. The press release explaining this successful round was released in October of 2021. What Rippling has accomplished is that this last batch of round funding pushed the company’s total value to $6.5 Billion.

What has become enticing is the fact that instead of looking up competitors for Rippling, the company’s founder Parker Conrad has compared the company to Salesforce. To dig a bit deeper, Rippling is where IT and Human Resources comes together and finds a simplistic happy medium. Yes, Rippling acts as an app where a multitude of resources are available in app form.

On Rippling’s website, it is stated that anyone can have their entire workflow compliance in one swift unified system. Parker Conrad founded Rippling in 2016 and the company has around 501-1,000 employees… and this number is growing.

The investors who led the huge series C funding closeout where Y Combinator, Kleiner Perkins, Threshold, Founders Fund, and Initialized Capital. And oddly enough the founder has been talking about how much he wants the company to grow even more. However, Conrad can say this because most of the IT and Human Resources software out there currently… well some of it has been created by Conrad.

Whie merging this company is not in the talks, investors should look towards the companies Rippling has as clients. Like Compass Coffee, SuperHuman, HighNoon, and Double Good.

Rippling’s other competitors would be Paychex Flex, Paycor, Paylocity, Paycom, ADP Workforce Now, Workday HCM, BambooHR, Zenefits, UKG Pro, Salesforce, and Gusto. However, this competitor list is so long that it may be impossible to list every company who would see Rippling as a competitor.

Currently Rippling is working on integrating their third-party app to work with data and informational technologies for their clients with the client’s consent. For instance, Rippling is thinking of credit card companies who run background checks on a client before they can apply for a credit card. This takes various forms of third-party programs to integrate with that of the user’s data.

One incredible ability that Rippling has evolved towards is the example that any workflow can automatically detect potential pay inequity, which in return notifies engineering on an app like Slack to set a cross-system. All to fix the inconsistencies that could eventually show up.

Rippling has already far exceeded its successful approach and the founder has stated that the company has every intention to grow more and expand as much as possible in the IT and HR workflow software universe. Expect to hear more about Rippling as they keep a monthly check on what their clients have experienced and what has improved for their clients since using the workflow program.

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