Mantium Reaches $12.75 Million From Co-led by Venture Funds Drive Capital and Top Harvest

Mantium is seeing a huge surge in funding from co-led investors Drive Captial and Top Harvest. For such a new company that doesn’t even have a lot of public advertising, this company is making headlines and waves. The current 33-person team, including CEO and Co-founder Ryan Sevey, ae looking towards the future and the future only.

On November 9th, 2021 Mantium released a press release stating how their latest funding round had attracted $12.75 Million in seed funding. After Mantium’s programming was only created this past January (that’s right, technically this company had its software created only this year) that’s how new this business is right now. Acting a private, instead of a public IPO status.

The idea behind Mantium is to take out the multiple middle men that comes along with launching an AI creation. This means that when an AI is to go live, too many obstacles happen, instead with Mantium a creator can click two buttons and suddenly have their AI creation live.

Why this speak AI programming language and fast launching platform? Mantium wants developers and creators to be able to fine tune their AI creation instead of not being able to potentially launch their idea at all. Which has happened so much in the past. All the while new proteges of the tech world can play around with an AI idea.

The company is currently spread out amongst 9 countries including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, United States, and more. As of right now there is no plan to merge, instead the company is hiring for a few positions such as Senior Python Engineer, Senior Data Engineer, Staff Engineer, Sr. Developer Advocate, and React Engineer. Also, a huge positive side note the company notes on their company’s “about us” page shows who identifies as non-binary, non-male, and indefinity as non-white to show a diverse company background.

Mantium is based out of Cincinatti, Ohio where they are encouraging this cloud platform to become the biggest language models. By powering their application platform with built applications such as AI21, Hugging Face, OpenAI, and Eleuther.

Language model platforms will be taking off even more as the year progresses into 2022. With big names such as Musk, AI creators are receiving a front seat into the new technology world that is beginning to open before all of us. 2022 is fast approaching and Mantium is more than happy to see a new ear under their belt since this company is less than a year old, that’s right, Mantium officially was founded in 2021. This possibility makes Mantium one of the fastest growing start-up companies in 2021.

Check out more about the passionate driven company and what they ensure for each user via their website. Individuals can also check out their “about is” page to fully surf the web to see how Mantium is changing the whole “no barrier” AI creation world.

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