Cometeer Ends Their Round With $35 Million More From Co-investors Tao Capital Ventures

Cometeer is based out of Bedford, Massachusetts, United States that is a company who created single-serve frozen specialty coffee capsules, that can be shipped while still cold. This type of coffee technology is seeming to pair and add rivalry with other companies such as single serve Keurig. Even better is that Cometeer is pretty much in lead for creating recyclable single serve aluminum cups that will aid in cutting down wasteful disruptions where single service coffee cups tend to make up more than 50% of waste in landfills.  Equaling to 2.5 billion single-use a year that ends up in landfills. Cometeer is changing that by leading a green energy compromise.

Based on analytical data from Google, the company receives about 84,000 monthly visits to their website. This is expected to increase to 100,000 by the beginning of 2022.

The various investors involved are TQ ventures, Tao Capital Ventures, Greycroft, Elephant, D1 Capital Partners, and Avenir Growth Captial. These vc companies allowed Cometeer to surpass the $35 Million point for the end of the company’s Series B funding. Released on October 19, 2021 the press release had stated how Cometeer has begun to lead passed highly successful companies such as K-Cups may have a huge change ahead of them. The latest investment is going towards Cometeer’s production facility that is 70,000-square-foot headquarters and deals with manufacturing based in the city of Gloucester.

The company has 11-50 employees currently and for a relatively small company, this Series B funding of $35 Million plus is gargantuan. This company is also a private funding company currently. Whether or not this will change in the future remains to be announced.

The CEO and Co-Founder Matthew Roberts had helped create Cometeer with a handful of engineers and simply his credit card. It’s safe to say that Cometeer has come from very small beginnings but has ended up being the company that is changing the playing field.

Currently no merging companies have their focus on Cometeer but that’s because the coffee-tech company is only focusing on creating a better and a more mass-produced production. With their completely original motto and tagline available to read on their website, and cleverly ensuring that the Earth is the most important aspect of humanity… Cometeer is taking matters into their own hands.

Cometeer’s biggest business focus right now is on partnering with roasting companies. This does not mean merging, instead this means being able to find partners that will primarily only use their product. And current the roasting partners have accumulated to: Onyx Coffee Lab, Go Get Em Tiger, Klatch Coffee, and Red Bay Coffee. Most of the roasting partners are located on the West Coast of the United States.

For 2021, the main focus for Cometeer as a business is to allow their production to become more publically know, we very well could see more interviews and another press release shortly. The East Coast and Midwestern states are being looked at as potential added roasting partners, to add a better diverse group among the Northern Hemisphere.

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