Ramp Sees $300 Million from Co-led Investors Founders Fund, Redpoint Ventures, and Thrive Capital

Co-founders Eric Glyman, Karim Atiyeh, and Gene Lee created Ramp back in March 2019. This company recently made news on August 24, 2021 with a $300 million series C funding tranche led by co-led investment Founders Fund, with participation from Redpoint Ventures, Thrive Capital, D1 Capital Partners, Spark Capital, Coatue Management, Iconiq, Altimeter, Stripe, Lux Capital, A* Partners, and Definition Capital. Glyman said that the round, which values the company at $3.9 billion post-money, will be put toward product development, growing Ramp’s product and engineering teams, and investing in sales and marketing efforts.

Ramp’s company process and motto centers around when technology helps you spend less, you can grow faster, hire more, and pay better. This company has an employee base that is currently around 101-250 individuals, we can see this number growing substantially with this latest Series C funding round. Ramp is a New York based company, that is currently only located in New York City.

Ramp allows a particular management tool that owners can utilize and offers a heft hand towards companies, so they will be able to control spending on multi-level rules, vendor spending limits, merchant blacklists, and approvals, as well as, spending insights that combine expense reporting, accounting, and more.

As far as co-led investors go, Ramp has quite a lot of vc firms that has funded Series A, B, and as of late, C rounds. These venture capital firms are: D1 Capital Partners, Stripe, Goldman Sachs, Founders Fund, Thrive Capital, Neo, Contrary, GE32 Capital, Redpoint, and, Coatue. This list does not include all of the investors.

Lately, Ramp has seen a growth in their daily internet traffic by a near 30%. Typically, most of their searches are from the United States, however, Ramp has connected to other countries where buyers may be interested.

Corporate companies have been looking for a way to find an almost error free paying substitute to track and offer a quick turnaround to pay their employees. This is most likely because that Ramp has advertised to corporate companies that need an extra hand in the finance department. Since Ramp offers next day payments, it’s easy to understand why this company has picked up such a pace in the last year. Currently Ramp uses a tool that employs AI to simplify the process of paying suppliers. Customers can upload and pay bills with AI-powered invoice recognition, emailing or dragging-and-dropping invoices in Ramp.

Merging is not in Ramp’s future, although that can easily change. But so far, no merge between companies has happened.

Ramp’s revenue grew by over 6,000% in 2020 and quadrupled compared with the start of 2021. Transaction volume, which is in the mid-eight figures, more than tripled since the 150-employee company’s last funding round in April. By building a sea of buyers, Ramp, is expected to make another huge funding cycle towards the end of the year.

Company Website: https://ramp.com/

Eric Glyman Twitter: https://twitter.com/eglyman