Tonkean Closes on $83.2 Million from lead investor companies Accel & Lightspeed Ventures

Tonkean was founded in 2015, but is still being called a start-up tech company. On June 24, 2021 a press release showed exactly how much their early seed funding, Series A, and Series B round of funding happened to come to in total… $83.2 million. Lead investors Accel ensured that the $50 Million funding was met in this Series B funding round. Lightspeed Ventures helped with the Series A funding with $24 Million, where company Foundation Capital helped with the seed round funding at the very being of Tonkean’s existence. However, as the title says a complete total of $83.2 Million has been raised for the funding in total and as of June 24, 2021.

Tonkean was founded by co-founders Offir Talmor and Sagi Eliyahu. This is still a private company, with around 111 – 250 employees currently working to bring optimal automation to the tech world. Also, the company experienced their quickest and highest grossing time in the year of 2020. Yet, what does Tonkean provide as a service? Tonkean provides an enterprise no-code process orchestration platform.

Automation has become such an integrated part of our everyday lives, and there are competitors out there that you’ve most likely have heard of, they are: Nintex Process Platform, Kissflow, G2 Storefront, UiPath RPA | Robotic Process Automation, Automation Anywhere – RPA | Robotic Process Automation, Epicor ERP, Laserfiche, ProcessMaker, Pega Platform, Quickbase, Creatio, WinAutomation by Softomotive, Blue Prism, Workato, Pipefy, OnBase, Aiwozo, Appian, IBM Business Process Manager (the most famous company out of the list), Kintone, and, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

While Tonkean’s setup is interface IT-friendly while suggesting a human-based automation element. There is a carefully detailed business logic that surrounds there a A.I. intelligence like logic; to ensure all channels have the accurate and up-to-date information for each client looking for software that can keep track of sales operations and marketing operations. The customer base Tonkean has in mind is an enterprise-scale company, but all companies do need an ideal coding system, this is where Tonkean beats out a few performing software services. The high-quality mix of human control and electronic A.I. similarities.

The growth potential is looking to be excitingly upscale for Tonkean in 2021, they are expected to keep growing especially with this latest press release. If they were not being talked about beforehand, they are now since $83.2 is highly impressive, and yet alone Accel funding $50 Million, which is over 50% of the $83.2 Million total.  Tonkean has not merged with other companies and has not sold off portions of the company off either, because as of last week, Tonkean is a small capital start-up that intends to rise above of businesses in the click-to-nurture, computer to human capabilities for all businesses. And as far as the tech world is considered this is exactly what’s needed, a computer to fill out the logistics while a human can review and provide any other information that might be missing.


Co-Founder Twitter:

Co-Founder Twitter: