$3.5 Million is Targeted by New Early-Stage VC Firm “The Fund” to Help with Seed Money for New Business Startups Launching in Australia

While the latest venture for The Fund is not new, it is new to Australia. The Fund found out that Australia is in the lead for early-stage startups and in need of series A and B seed funding. How does The Fund determine their newest contenders? Well, The Fund will open up a new office where a certain place is in need because there are so many new businesses that have started and have shown incredible promise to take off and become a part of the everyday local startup ecosystem. Their latest press release was on June 15th, 2021.

Co-founding partners Jenny Fielding, Scott Hartley, Kaite Hunt, Matthew Brimer, and Adam Carver all came together with a singular goal in mind, bringing all the necessary funding to companies who need it to expand and become profitable as well as part of the local ecosystem to provide necessary future promise to help the city and the community. This allows The Fund to create communities who need each other, from helping to agreeing on the better ways to help various areas in the world.

The Fund is no stranger to having multiple locations in New York and the east coast, Rockies, Midwest, London and Los Angeles. Employees range from 51 – 100 who currently work there, along with still being listed as an early-stage venture.  As far as competitors go it’s a long list because this company seeks out emerging businesses to finance. The competitive companies would be those like Amazon, Google, and The Walt Disney Company who seek out entrepreneurs to come on board and work for them.

Just on The Fund’s website alone they list out several businesses that have become a part of their portfolio which is immensely impressive. Included are businesses (allwork), APIFortress, Apt, Badaboom, Biotia, Blerp, Audyo, August, Burro, Cityrow, Caba, Cabinet, Carbon, Chartable, Breeze, Boost, Craft Jam, Cube, Dev, Cleancult, Contra, Esembly, Every Mother, Dreamteam, Elektra Health, FlickPlay, Find.Fashion, Forerunner, Headway, Huckleberry, hopps, Glaize, Kona, Loom, Paerpay, Paloma, PlayBook, Serenity, StayTuned, SideQuest, Vincent, and Wagmo. There is at least a total of 75 companies listed on their portfolio which leaves an impressive legacy just for 2021.

The idea that The Fund has raised so much funding to give to these new companies, is staggering but hopeful. This means companies can contact The Fund and start a meeting to compare communities and how to integrate each business. This means market growth is favorable to say the least, with nearly 1,000 plus visitors per month checking to see what this company is doing now. This shows interest and immense growth potential.

However, what is their funding status, or venture capital funding? What’s the rounded-out number? Well, the last investment was to ChargerUp! up with $2.8 Million on March 29, 2021. That was only to one company and a one-time funding amount. Yet what would their status be, The Fund is a micro venture capital.

Company Website: https://thefund.vc/about/

Co-founding partner Jenny Fielding’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jefielding