$52,525,252 Raised for Trucks Venture Capital Over the Last Year with General Partner Reilly Brennan Sharing the Latest Update to Help Finance Projects Involving Transportation Start-ups

2015 was a big year for Trucks Venture Capital because that’s when the officially started operations as a venture capital firm. Oddly enough not many people have heard of what Trucks vc firm does for transportation in San Francisco, California. Actually, Trucks Venture Capital is located in the Bay Area of San Franciso, California. But what is the big news from Trucks vc? It’s the fact that over the last year $52,525,252 has been raised in funds a while for their new core fund called Trucks Venture Fund 2. The Trucks Growth Fund is hoping to provide much needed funding to companies who are considered in their later-stage of launching to provide adequate promise for those budding companies. This incredible news was announced via a press release on June 8th, 2021.

But who is behind Trucks Venture Capital? Co-founding partners Reilly Brennan, Kathryn Schox, Jeffrey Schox, and Darius Mirshahzadeh. Reilly Brennan is the founding general partner along with Kathryn Schox and Jeffrey Schox with Darius Mirshahzadeh being the investor of the company. The employee range is much smaller than imagined since a large number was funded, but only 1 – 10 employees are currently working at Trucks vc firm.  Why is this important to note? Because Trucks vc is going to help fund any transportation start-up meaning look to Trucks Venture Captial to see where the future of transportation will be going next. That’s right! Trucks vc firm will be the first to approach the future of transportation around the globe. The big point on why Trucks is investing in transportation is that they intend to lead the future towards greener and safer transport options.

You may be asking how many investments has Trucks Venture Capital have aided in progressing that seed money? A few lead investors are Faction, Refraction AI, and ionobell, just to name a short few. But as far as general investments go other companies such as Swyft, ChargerHelp!, LGN, and, Tangram Vision all of who do not even cover the 47 investments provided via Crunchbase.

Crazy enough, the investor company Swyft who poured a huge amount into the Trucks Growth Fund is a major rival for Amazon on same-day delivery options. This does mean Trucks vc has become a competitor for Amazon. As of right now, Trucks vc has no competitors outside of Amazon, simply because companies do not know when they will receive a funding amount from Trucks Growth Fund. Typically, no start-up and later stage start-up wants to find a competitor in the Trucks Venture Capital company.

On Trucks vc website they are known for their informative and ground-breaking newsletters written by co-founder Reilly Brennan. The simple “about us” page states that they are searching for the future in transportation. While that’s a wide range it also allows start-ups to contact them directly on their homepage to set up a meeting to talk about the future of automotive safety and transportation to help finance projects.

This company’s growth protentional is one for the highest of the year. With automotive giants backing them, this only means next year we could see a double amount that was raised for the whole of last year. Trucks vc firm’s current status is as active, while their notable portfolio offers a look into the companies that have either invested or that Trucks has funded which are May Mobility and Starsky Robotics along with 28 other companies. And as of currently there have been on bought or sold companies from Trucks Venture Capital.

Company website: https://www.trucks.vc/

Founding General Partner: Reilly Brennan website: https://reillybrennan.com/