The Desana Company is one of the investors who has backed up Scotland’s Start-up Avenue, investors Michael Cockburn, Steve Jeans, and Ro Ramtohul

What is the company Desana? Technically Desana was founded in 2016 but has continued to shed light on other start-up companies (even though Desana is still a start-up company themselves) by becoming investors for Edinburgh’s newest vc firm start-ups.

While still registered as a private company, they have raised $550,000 euro’s back in 2019 just with one seed round from Techstart Ventures. Techstart Ventures continues to be the only backing investor. The company is also for profit.

 But what does Desana as a company provide? Here is the company’s motto from their website:

“On-demand workspace for your people. Anywhere. Enable staff to easily find and book desks and meeting rooms across a global network of flexible workspaces—or your own offices—from the same app. Less reliance on long-term leases. Way more flexibility for your teams.”

But when it comes to competitors who pops up? Cameron Hume, Tin-can Telephone, Avanti Learning Consultancy, Edinburgh Translations, Bright Ascension LTD., Solus Uk LTD., and Smith and Rodger LTD. Whenever you find relatable or similar companies even if they offered different services, they could be competing in a certain subject or section. But the best competitor out there is WeWork, since Desana can easily go worldwide just as WeWork.

As far as employee status goes there is around 1 – 10 individuals working with the workplace platform from the inside. Which for those possible 10 employees know the ins and outs of radically reduces reliance on traditional offices for companies while giving workforces waaaay more flexibility.” But as stated in the press release on May 29th, 2021. This May press release grouped Desana in with several others who helped to raise a stellar $550,000 euros for the Edinburgh start-up region.

However, Desana made the news back in 2019 the company’s investor Michael Cockburn said this: “claims to be the first UK platform to offer hourly access to a network of co-working workplaces through a single monthly subscription.” Even more of a milestone was the fact that the company had $550,000 in seed money ready before Desana’s official launch.

The benefit Desana offers is that with the pandemic showing all of us that remote working is the way of the future, Desana is primary situated in the middle of how to branch out remote work. As a company this is a huge reason why all eyes were on them since they offer a sustainable service monthly online. Also, Desana covers the opposite not so glamours end of remote working, as stated in their previous 2019 press release “Desana also aims to combat the downside of remote working, including isolation and loneliness, by bringing subscribers together with like-minded people.”

However, the best point to Desana as both an educational and work-based platform and this company was formed from one thought ”for those of us that miss the camaraderie of an office space.”

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