Moonfire Ventures Early Start-up Funding Round of $60 Millon Shows Promise Thanks to Mattias Ljungman

Mattias Ljungman who was the former co-founder of Atomico, ended up becoming the founder of Moonfire Ventures… that is after he left Atomico. Which puts Moonfire Ventures founding year at December 2019. With this still being a relatively very new vc firm, Moonfire recently had an announcement shared that the $60 Million of their first seed fund will combine remote investing with Big Data.  But partners Mike Arpaia and Candice Lo are helping to build this firm from the bottom up and it shows how well they can shake up the sleepy European vc market.

Moonfire Ventures currently has 5 employees in total:

“Moonfire lights a fire within seed stage investing in Europe to help entrepreneurs grow their boundless ambition and burning creativity. Enabling European entrepreneurs to dream big and execute fully on their bold ideas at the very earliest stages of their journeys is Moonfire’s passion and cause. Moonfire can help entrepreneurs at the very start of their journeys to create the right foundations to drive growth exponentially. In partnering with Moonfire, companies benefit from Mattias Ljungman’s extensive experience including 13 years as a Co-Founder of Atomico with investments in like Supercell, viagogo, Klarna and Rovio. Moonfire focuses on reimagining finance & money, realizing the future of work, new frontiers in gaming and transforming healthcare.”

As stated by Mattias Ljungman himself in a Fast Company interview, the U.K. and Europe are the places to focus on:

“We’ve really hit an inflection point where things are really exploding. In Q1, $20 billion was invested in European startups compared to $40 billion last year. We had 21 billion [euros] of exits in Q1, which was more than all of last year. We minted 16 new unicorns in the first quarter. The amount of international interest, and specifically Silicon Valley interest, in Europe is just at another level.”

Ljungman knows the field of vc firms, from his previous co-founding venture till Moonfire, a lot of eyes are on him lately. Especially while Moonfire had been started in the thick of pandemic, as well as the vc firm surviving the initial first, second and third waves of the covid collapse. And it is very safe to say that the growth potential is substantial.

As of now, it’s a bit difficult to find competitors however, with this latest May 6, 2021 news on their $60 Million seed funding, there will soon be competitors.

Co-founding partner Mike Arpaia, who is a computer scientist and a mastermind when it comes to building early-stage start-ups and tying them in with industry leading technologies. Arpaia has a stellar reputation that exceeds far beyond most.

Moon ventures has made investments as early as March of this year towards Humaans, where $5 Million was raised. Along with the companies Mindstone and HiPeople where $5 Million was raised altogether for both companies. 

Just within this month of May alone, Moonfire vc is receiving a 12% jump in monthly visit growths. Based on location US-based seed firm Cendana, Utah School & Institutional Trust Funds Office and Reference Capital, among others. The team includes partners Mike Arpaia and Candice Lo.

Moonfire website:

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