Successful VC-backed Startups in 2019

If you are an entrepreneur looking for venture capital investment you want to be up to date with the top startups that raised billions of dollars from venture capital firms.

See what investors are ready to bet on and invest large amounts of money in. Here are top 5 startups  that raised capital from VC  funds, ready to boom in 2019.

  1. Chainalysis

Activity: Develops software for cryptocurrency investigation, preventing money laundering, fraud and ensuring compliance with regulations. Founded in 2014, the venture capital funded startup is well known for helping with investigations on Mt. Gox bankruptcy case.

Category: Software, Cryptocurrency, FinTech

Founders: Michael Gronager (CEO), Jonathan Levin, Jan Moller

Main Investors: Benchmark, Accel

Estimated Number of Employees: 160

Raised Capital: $53 million

Main Competitors: Elliptic, Ciphertrace, IdentityMind

Activity: The largest global platform for language learning, with 28 millions users each month, delivers online instructions in more than 30 languages. It approaches language learning lesson in a ”gamification” manner and its revenue comes from paid services and advertising.

Category: E-Learning, Language Learning, Education

Founders: Luis von Ahn, Severin Hacker

Main Investors: CapitalG, Kleiner Perkins, Union Square Ventures

Estimated Number of Employees: 170

Raised Capital: $108 million

Main Competitors: Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Voxy

Activity: Figma is an ambitious project, a platform that wants to move design online, putting design tools in a cloud. It enables designers to create a team and work together at the design process in an online interface. Started in 2012, the company appeared along with the need for real-time collaborative design software across industries.

Category: Design Software, Innovation Management

Founders: Dylan Field, Evan Wallace

Main Investors: Greylock, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia

Estimated Number of Employees: 180

Raised Capital: $83 million

Main Competitors: Justinmind, HotGloo, Webflow

Activity: FourKites addresses the logistic industry and provides the solution for real-time load tracking and supply-chain visibility, bringing transparency and efficiency into the process. Using this platform, the carrier, the shipper and the broker can easily communicate and know the status of the transport in real time. Some of the most appreciated features are: the transport can be re-routed in real time according to weather or traffic conditions, for example, and it tracks real time load temperatures so product loss is minimized.

Category: Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Founders: Arun Chandrasekaran, Matt Elenjickal

Main Investors: August Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners

Estimated Number of Employees: 270

Raised Capital: $101 million

Main Competitors: GT Nexus, One Network Enterprises, Roambee

Activity: In 2016, Grove Collaborative launched in e-commerce niche of organic products for household and personal care. How did the company manage to have huge success with a competitor such as Amazon? By knowing very well who their buyers are, their needs and adapting the products for the era of online shopping. Their products are easy to ship due to small size. For example, their glass cleaner is so concentrated, that they made it smaller than a tube of toothpaste.

Category: E-Commerce, Sustainability

Founders: Chris Clark, Stuart Landesberg (CEO), Jordan Savage

Main Investors: Bullpen Capital, General Atlantic, Lone Pine Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Norwest Venture Partners, Serious Change

Estimated Number of Employees: 400

Raised Capital: $213 million

Main Competitors: Method Products, My Natural Market, Thrive Market