How Small Businesses Can Take Lead with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing or duct tape marketing is one of the ideal most ways to reach 50% of 9 out of 10 Americans (as in 4 out of 10 Americans). According to the latest stats, every 9 out of 10 Americans own a mobile phone and more than 50% of these people own smartphones.

For small businesses, mobile marketing can be translated into portable computing and transmuted into a stream of approaching millions of people in microseconds.

The Concept of Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

For large businesses, mobile marketing is the source of introducing new products and services to the established market. But for small businesses, mobile marketing can be defined as a primary source of strategic business growth. Here is how mobile marketing boosts strategic growth of small businesses.

  • Immediacy to create, execute and deliver customer based messages within seconds
  • Modest and affordable costs to reach volumes of markets
  • Guaranteed distribution; be it through email, SMS or social media
  • Targeted and personalized content distribution
  • Increased reach by using different types of media
  • Increased and personalized two-way communication
  • Marketing which can be calculated statistically by using different types of social media and mobile apps
  • Capacity to become viral throughout the globe

Mobile marketing for small businesses is quite different from large businesses. Consuming fewer resources, mobile marketing is definitely an ideal stream for small businesses to achieve countless benefits. But there are a few things that small businesses need to understand to take lead with mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is Deceptive

Entrepreneurs passionate about growing their businesses overnights may be easily deceived by technology. Mobile marketing involves a number of deceptive elements like social networking sites and interesting mobile phone apps. While you may start a passionate day with tens of goals written on the white board, you may end up the day with less than 30% of those achieved.

The question is why? It is because you may be deceived by ‘more interesting things or people’ while interacting with your audiences and executing your messages. You interact with the people who are driving, brewing coffee, watching Netflix or taking a break from basketball match while commenting on your posts. Make sure that you stick to your marketing goals while communicating with real people. Also, evaluate your success in terms of short-term goals every day.

The Bipolar Impact of Statistics

Statistics can make or break your business. It is important to keep an eye on most modern and updated market trends as well as on futuristic ideas to make sure that your business comprehends the modern technological needs to reach bigger markets.

According to current statistics, the number of mobile apps downloaded has been increasing with growing years. There were only 2,516 mobile apps downloaded in 2009. The number has now become 179,628 in 2015 and is expected to reach 268,692 by 2017. Clearly, having a mobile app is ‘necessary’ for small businesses in current scenario.

In the given statistics, there are calculated figures and expected figures calculated on the basis of market growth trends. But the expected figures can be different in reality. It is essential to prepare your business to embrace the expected trends and figures as well as make room for a difference, if seen.

The Factor of How The Audience Receives Information

Neutrality of communication is one of the strongest keys to expand your customer base while maintain the existing base on mobile market. It is essential to maintain neutrality in your messages as the audience receives information in a number of ways. A person may be reading your message in school class or in office meeting while the other one may be reading it in crowded public while listening to fresh music. You don’t deal with audience but you deal with different mindsets and situations.

The factor that ‘how the audience receives information’ also impacts the way you curate content. Track the gender, age and type of your audience to extract the human emotion you need to make your marketing messages imperative. For example, for old aged people, tranquility and satisfaction is the important human emotion. For young people, fun and friendship is the essential emotion.

The third important thing is to pick a human emotion that caters with all types of audiences receiving messages in different types of situations and locations. For example, excitement is an emotion that works in all situations as more than 80% of people receiving your messages will not be in the mode of excitement.

Business and Marketing Balance

One of the key mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is to change the infrastructure of business to deal with mobile market. Remember that mobile market is like other markets. You only need to wrap up your marketing messages ‘the mobile way’.

Strategic Success

Small businesses have more to achieve than big businesses therefore, strategy is the key to take lead with mobile marketing. Create your mobile market associated business objectives that define and quantify your audience, input and output, demonstrate time frame for your success, and establish realistic and achievable goals.

No matter if you are new to mobile market or an established one, you will need to climb these 4 steps of mobile marketing ladder to make your business successful.

  1. Create a strategy based on your objectives.
  2. Determine tactics to make your strategy work in mobile market.
  3. Integrate strategy and tactics in your mobile marketing infrastructure.
  4. Maintain and manage customer-relations after establishing a strong customer base.

You don’t need a separate website or online store for your mobile phone customers. Just revamp your existing website and make it responsive to keep your business connected with different types of audiences.

With all these tips, you will also need a creative and strategic plan created by mobile marketing expert to sustain your online marketing campaign and monitor the ratio of success. Start with a mobile app and offer benefits and rewards to the customers like discount cards and coupons. Modify user-specific messages for interested profiles and keep bringing more waves into the ocean by attracting more audience.