Turning Idea into a Reality with a Business Plan

Everything that we have now all started with an idea. The bigger question, however, is how to convert that idea into reality. Marketing associates, project managers, and businessmen go through this brainstorming process and organize these into a coherent proposal called the business plan.

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Business plans are formal documents that serve as the framework for a start-up business. Similar to a manuscript’s outline or a blueprint for a potential building, a business plan holds the idea together so that people can make it happen. The success of a business starts with a good business plan. Here are three important activities to consider when writing a successful business plan:


You must know exactly what you want. A vision will set everything in motion and will help you put your goals and strategies in perspective. Remember that a vision is never driven by financial gains, but rather driven by active, motivational and continuing growth for all parties involved – the owner, the investors, the clients or customers and of course, the employees or workers.


You must know the past in order to deal with the present, and be able to project what should be the future. Background information is necessary for successful business plans. This includes all pertinent data, from demographics, competitors, market studies, computations and budget analysis including but not limited to overhead costs, expenses and most importantly, return of investment.


Now that you know what you want and what information is available, you must be able to think out of the box and creatively improve all that is already existing so that it works towards your goal and that you meet what is necessary for your business plan.

After these important activities, you will be prepared to turn your idea into a reality and create an effective business plan. Consider using this business template to help you with the structure of your business plan.

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